Ocean's Eyes

from by No Remorse No Surrender



I've been here for way too long,
I've been betrayed by my family, it's not where I belong.
I belong right by the ocean.

You can see the world, crumbling beneath the sea.
Becoming isolated and defeated.
Morals are broken with manipulated conceptions.
There is no escape from this place, but there's got to be a way out.

Break the surface and breath, raise your head up to the sun,
You think I'm blind, I see the blood that stains your hands,
Crashed under the wave.

I'm drowning
The world has turned its back on me.
I spend my life in these dead end streets.
I looked up to a weather sky then back down to where my heart lies.
If this is hell, this is not where I belong,
I waited, I waited far too long.
My body is a shell of a man that I used to be.
Buried beneath the sea.

The truth is shattered believing their words. To escape from everything, hatred is all that breathes within me.

Buried beneath the sea.


from Afflictions, released December 29, 2012



all rights reserved


No Remorse No Surrender UK



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