by No Remorse No Surrender

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released December 29, 2012

Produced by Daniel Kerr from Avenue Studios.



all rights reserved


No Remorse No Surrender UK


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Track Name: Ocean's Eyes
I've been here for way too long,
I've been betrayed by my family, it's not where I belong.
I belong right by the ocean.

You can see the world, crumbling beneath the sea.
Becoming isolated and defeated.
Morals are broken with manipulated conceptions.
There is no escape from this place, but there's got to be a way out.

Break the surface and breath, raise your head up to the sun,
You think I'm blind, I see the blood that stains your hands,
Crashed under the wave.

I'm drowning
The world has turned its back on me.
I spend my life in these dead end streets.
I looked up to a weather sky then back down to where my heart lies.
If this is hell, this is not where I belong,
I waited, I waited far too long.
My body is a shell of a man that I used to be.
Buried beneath the sea.

The truth is shattered believing their words. To escape from everything, hatred is all that breathes within me.

Buried beneath the sea.
Track Name: Get What You Give
As I stand here I see, everything I was born to be
Theres no stopping me now, back down or die alone.
My goal from the very start, to voice my words they come from my heart
Through this wasteland I struggle, lost from the start.

You get what you give, this life is give or take
don't be making my mistakes
you get what you give, tonight i stand alone
falling fast, these cracks are shown

You will never win
You'll forever be in ruin.
Your time is up, bitch.

Finally face to face with the person that I strive not to be
Looking back i see, that person was me.
What will become of you?
Your mind is a mountain before your eyes

Standing on the frontline
The person I detest will die
This is all i've got
So take your best shot
Track Name: Nothing But A Beast
These memories will never fade away.
We stay strong together,
Nothing to care about, living in the moment.
We stand strong together.

I look up at the sky but I find no answers,
This pain is crushing my chest
I won't be the same person I was before.
You were always there. What the fuck.

You will never be forgotten.
Nothing but a beast.

Smile that was always on your face,
The memories that will never fade away.
Pulling through the hardship, like a solider that never gave in.
And all those nights, without a care in the world,
just us living life for what it's meant to be.

Where did you go?
I will never be the same. I will never be the same again.
Why did you go?
My heart feels so fucking cold. I will never let this go.

God won't save us now.

I remember every day and I don't know how to live on, how will I?
where have you gone?

One day we will meet again.
One day we will laugh again
You'll live on forever.
Track Name: It's Not How You Fall
Standing on solid ground,
I never expected it to get this far.
You never believed in me when I was suffering.
And even now time is running out,
don't expect me to come back to you.

It's not how you fall, it's how you fucking land.
Understand you're never gonna win this fight.
I'm going to put you in your grave tonight.

It's not how you fall, it's how you fucking land.

Say what you wanna say, I'm never gonna change.
You stabbed me in the back.
I'm not gonna think twice, I won't let you get inside my head.
I'll find another path through this darkness, on my own.
Track Name: Heart Of A Lion
Have you ever seen the light? Well I have my darling.
And while you're watching, the view of the edge of the world.
I'll be waiting for you.

Believe in me like I believed in you,
I've been through so much but you don't know.
I've got a heart of a lion and a mind like a wall of ice.

Never surrender, your hopes and your dreams.
Because I'll be the one to save you from yourself.

These walls are closing in on me, as I try to break away.
I'll take no prisoners, there's nothing you can say to me.
I trusted you until the bitter end.

And everything I've built, you'll never take this away from me.
Well I'm not listening any longer.